Here at NURTUREFUTUREYOUTH.ORG, Co-founded by Ashley L Osborne Raysor in July 2007 is registered as a charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) if the United States Internal Revenue Code. Located in Georgia but has a worldwide reach through its youth nurture programs and outreach services to communities.

NFY's , main aim is to nurture young adults with dreams of reaching as many goals as possible by cutting short the role of disadvantaged backgrounds and environments holding them back. This is achieved by implementing programs and initiatives that will enhance the development of all children and youth. These programs are conducted online through video conferences and offline in areas surrounding the homes of these children and youth to ensure that they are within their reach.


"Daily mission is to nurture and coach youth through exceptional events to develop informed minds with emphasis on prospering beyond poverty stricken environments by providing decision making information for a brighter future. "


"NFY's goal is to help break the cycle of poverty through education, job, readiness, affordable housing and community development events, with strong efforts toward decreasing juvenile delinquency and violence retention in the community.


"Nurture Future Youth has hopes of breaking the cycle of deprivation and despair, and to give the youth at risk opportunity to create new futures for themselves, by building self-esteem, creating the ability to believe in a better future and providing them with the nurturing and information to create that future.

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Receiving Donations at Clothing Drive
Music Class
Soup Kitchen
Clothes Donation
Three generations of women
Teen Volunteers
Community Service


Building a Brighter Future for All

At NURTUREFUTUREYOUTH.ORG we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the people who need it most. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about the most pressing issues of today’s society. Please join us by supporting our effective programs that are bound to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.

Our organization earned a Gold Seal of Transparency on @GuideStarUSA! Now our community and potential donors, funders, and key decision makers can see our commitment to transparency and easily contact us for more information. Check us out: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/26-0533733 or Email:nfy2020@outlook.com

What We Do

We strive to do it all here at NURTUREFUTUREYOUTH.ORG. Our Non-Profit Organization provides a dynamic work environment where deadlines are met and goals are not only met, but they are exceeded. We work on many exciting initiatives to improve the lives of others, and are very proud of the work we do. Learn about our exciting initiatives, and what we are working on every day in order to promote change.

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Music Academy

Helping Hand: English,Music & Writing Program

Community & Urban Stabilization Program

"New Beginnings" Rent to Own 

Donate Residential or Commercial Properties

Do you need help this Christmas or would like to help someone else? Nurture Future Youth has partnered with Toys For Tots for their Annual Toy Drive. To learn more click here.


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