November 14, 2018

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Save Energy For kids Association is a reference/directory that was created back in 2009 or so. The idea for the website was for the community to have a one stop shop reference/directory hub for all Eco or energy saving companies and products. Save Energy For Kids is a broad concept, the initial meaning was directed toward the environment and the earth. We soon realized that the meaning could also translate into, saving your own personal energy, getting rest, having better health and exercise. Therefore, we kindof combined both aspects of the name into one meaning. Well I did. Now it is 2018 and the initial concept of Saving energy for kids is coming back to the forefront of my experiences over the past eight or nine years. So, in my opinion the environmental concept in which the meaning of the association was initially created is still very relevant today. We can do everything in our power to get healthy naturally or through stimulants, and natural/unnatural remedies. However, if the environment has problems/ unforeseen issues, wherever one lives. Then there will be no healing available from the outside coming into the inside.  

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